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Biden Needs to Call Trump What He Is: A Lifelong Racist

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Thursday night’s presidential debate will be the last time President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will face off before Election Day. Biden, who has been outpacing Trump in the polls, needs this debate to be the closer. He can’t flinch or be passive. It’s time for him to seal the deal.

The final nail in the coffin? Trump’s greatest weakness: racism.

No matter how liberal or conservative voters are, they can’t deny that Trump has had a problem on this issue of race from the very beginning. Throughout his entire life, and most notably during his presidency, Trump has espoused racist rhetoric, been affiliated with hate groups, and been lax on his stances against white supremacy. Biden, who has made it a point to remain civil with his opponent on this issue, has never outright called Trump out on it. On Thursday night, it’s time for him to call Trump a racist.

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