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Biden Needs a VP. Kamala Suddenly Sounds More Like Bernie

Joe Biden’s running mate pick is still days away. But in the final build-up, Kamala Harris is growing more public in her support of the progressive legislative portfolio championed by one of his oldest friends in the Senate: Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Harris (D-CA) has, in recent weeks, put her name behind bills that would give Americans $2,000 stipends, provide masks universally across the country, and send supplemental food stamp benefits to communities in need. Those closest to her say she’s operating from a sincere ideological position and that the public perception of her as a non-progressive has always missed the mark.

“Kamala has always been a progressive despite what a few loud old white men have said,” said a source close to Harris familiar with her thinking. “These bills fit with the type legislation that she always supported while in the Senate.”

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