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Biden Mandates That All Federal Employees Get Vaccinated

Kevin Dietsch

Before taking office, President Joe Biden said he would not support vaccine mandates to combat the coronavirus pandemic, and would instead use the power of his office to “encourage people to do the right thing.”

But as the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus pushes the nation’s case rate to its highest levels since last winter—due in large part to a sizable minority of the country refusing to “do the right thing”—Biden has issued the most comprehensive mandate for vaccination against the virus to date: all federal employees must be fully vaccinated within 75 days, with no carve-outs for testing of those who refuse to get the vaccine.

In an executive order signed on Thursday morning, detailed to reporters by White House officials ahead of a presidential speech outlining the new approach to vaccinations, Biden issued those requirements to all employees of the executive branch, as well as contractors working with the federal government.

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