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Biden Just Isn't Closing the Deal With Young Black Voters

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If you google “young Black voters not enthusiastic,” you’ll be hit with a steady drumbeat of news articles from the last few months that all say the same thing: Young Black voters, while definitely not fans of Donald Trump, are just not feeling it for Joe Biden.

The reason why was on display late in Tuesday night’s debate, when moderator Chris Wallace got on the topic of race. I was already prepared to be disappointed. Both candidates’ records are filled with wrong-side-of-history stances, racist remarks, and inconsistency in how they address Black voters at large.

But as a young Black man who’s had men in my family impacted by mass incarceration, over-policing, and a broken criminal justice system, I wanted to see the difference between their positions. I can honestly say that it felt like the difference between wanting a very painful shot in the arm or in the ass. Both candidates offended me in some way in their responses; it was just a matter of how they framed it.

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