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Biden Gets to Work as Trump Enters the Fat Elvis Stage of His Career

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Conventional wisdom has not caught up with the rapidly changing reality of American politics. For Democrats, the failure of the Senate to convict Donald Trump and the disciplined obstinacy of the GOP in blocking or slowing Cabinet appointments and initiatives of the Biden administration have produced widespread frustration. That feeling is compounded by the confidence exuded by Republicans that they may rebound in the 2022 midterm elections and that their party superstar may win again in 2024.

But a closer analysis tells a different story.

The Donald Trump who lumbered onto CPAC’s stage this past weekend was a hollow parody of the man who energized many in his party just four years ago. Trump has entered the Fat Elvis stage of his career. He slurs out the hits of yesteryear for crowds of fans hoping to glimpse his old magic, to recapture a thrill that once had them whooping and chanting and participating in Trump flotillas.

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