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Biden and Trump Both Visited Tampa. They May As Well Have Been in Different Worlds.

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President Donald Trump likely needs to win Florida if he wants to be president for another four years. But as he campaigned in Tampa on the same day his Democratic challenger was also visiting the area, the president continued to operate inside his own version of reality.

There, his perceived grievances against the media, Democrats, presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter are key parts of his final pitch to voters as Trump tries to get another term in the White House, one where he continued to lie and say “whether we have ( a vaccine) or not, it’s rounding the turn,” about the pandemic.

He continued to downplay the severity of COVID-19 while speaking in a state that was hit hard by the pandemic this summer and 16,648 Florida residents have died, according to state coronavirus data, as a crowd of maskless faces could be seen behind him, cheering him on.

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