Bernie’s Got Baggage

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign launched like a rocket. Within 24 hours of his official kickoff, the Vermont senator had raised a staggering $6 million, quadruple the previous known first-day record, and within a week, his campaign had signed up more than 1 million volunteers. All that excitement is already showing up in the polls, where Sanders had been running second in a still-hypothetical field for most of the past year. According to Morning Consult, which is surveying primary voters daily, Sanders picked up 6 percentage points in the past week and, as of Tuesday, clocked in at 27 percent support nationally, moving him into a statistical dead heat for first place with Joe Biden, who remains on the sidelines. Bernie’s closest declared rival, meanwhile, is Kamala Harris, who sits in a distant third place with 10 percent support.


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