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Ben Sasse’s Both Sides Bullshit Shows That He Knows Nothing About Democrats

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Ben Sasse spent much of his life in the belly of the liberal elite beast, gathering intel on us. He did his undergrad at Harvard, got a Ph.D. from Yale, and in between cadged a master’s in liberal arts from tiny but respected St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, where all they do is read great books from Aristotle to Hume to Hegel to Merleau-Ponty and think deep thoughts.

You’d think after all that field work that he’d have a pretty good sense of the species. But he made it clear over the weekend that he understands nothing of liberalism.

His statement explaining his vote to convict Donald Trump opens thus: “An impeachment trial is a public declaration of what a president’s oath of office means and what behavior that oath demands of presidents in the future. But here’s the sad reality: If we were talking about a Democratic president, most Republicans and most Democrats would simply swap sides. Tribalism is a hell of a drug…”

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