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Barr Tried to Get Trump Off the Hook. Instead He Painted the Boss Into a Corner.

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Attorney General William Barr put out word this week that he’d refused Donald Trump’s request to hold a news conference and declare that the president broke no laws during his “perfect” call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. That followed stories reporting that Barr was “surprised and angry” that Trump had repeatedly invoked Barr’s name during that call.

But it was Barr who was at the very center of an audacious scheme to prevent an investigation of the president’s misconduct—a scheme that failed, and ended up setting the stage for Trump’s impeachment. 

Barr became Trump’s favorite Cabinet member in March of this year when he held back release of the Mueller Report’s damaging findings while mistating them in a deceitful letter to Congress. Possibly overconfident following the success of that disinformation effort, Barr’s DOJ set out to prevent the whistleblower’s grave allegations against the president regarding Ukraine from even coming to light, let alone being investigated. 

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