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Arizona’s ‘Cyber Ninjas’ Usher in New Era of Insane Ballot Attacks


A private company led by a conspiracy-minded CEO and concerned about security threats from antifa is using UV lights and assessing the “feel” of paper ballots to determine—using unclear and contradictory methodology —which votes in Maricopa County, Arizona, were supposedly fraudulently cast in November.

Never before has an election audit been conducted this way. That is why the results of the audit—ordered by the Republican majority of the state Senate, partially funded by undisclosed sources, and being conducted by an unqualified Florida firm—won’t reveal anything trustworthy about the accuracy or integrity of Arizona’s 2020 election. Rather, the partisan audit can only cause more damage to the public’s confidence in the vote.

We are not simply watching the final heaves of Donald Trump’s “stop the steal” movement. Instead, this represents a new low in the extremes American politicians will go to in order to retain power, and is a glimpse at a new way the losing party could react to its electoral defeats.

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