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Anti Vaxxer Naomi Wolf Joins Trump’s Doomed Tech Suit

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Former President Donald Trump’s legal crusade against big tech has a new ally: Naomi Wolf. The former Democratic campaign advisor, feminist advocate, and anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist has signed on as a co-plaintiff in the Trump-led social media lawsuit criticized as a doomed fundraising “stunt” by legal experts.

In an amended complaint filed in federal court on Wednesday, Wolf says that Twitter blew up her personal and professional life by sharing her public tweets with bizarre vaccine misinformation to news organizations and that the suspension of her account caused her to lose “over half of her business model, investors in her business, and other sources of income.”

Former President Trump and a number of his supporters filed class action suits against Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube alleging that the companies were not private entities but an arm of the government engaged in suppressing their First Amendment rights. All three companies suspended Trump’s accounts in the wake of the January 6 insurrection. Trump has since asked a federal court to grant him punitive damages, reinstate his account, and declare Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which grants limited immunity to social media companies for the content posted by users, unconstitutional.

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