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Andrew Cuomo Ogled Hope Hicks at the White House, Mark Meadows Says


In a new account of his time as Donald Trump’s fourth and final chief of staff, former Freedom Caucus Rep. Mark Meadows writes that the 74-year-old commander in chief would have beaten up protesters himself if Secret Service agents hadn’t made him hide in a bunker beneath the White House that the then-president later insisted he’d only been “inspecting.”

“A few hours later, the White House entered Code Red. Protestors had jumped the fence on the Treasury side of the compound, and they were running toward the Oval Office. I’m sure that if President Trump had the choice, he would have headed out to the lawns and knocked their heads in one by one,” Meadows writes of the May 29, 2020, incident in his memoir, The Chief’s Chief, a copy of which was obtained by The Daily Beast ahead of its release next week.

“But he didn’t have a choice. When it comes to the United States Secret Service, no one does. Either you do what they say, or they pick you up and make you do it. So when the Secret Service asked President Trump to head downstairs to the White House bunker, he complied. He knew that he could go to the bunker with a few agents by his side, or he could go on their shoulders kicking and screaming. For everyone’s sake the first option was better.

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