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An Overdue Path to Justice for Adult Sexual Assault Survivors

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Between the #MeToo movement, the scourge of sexual assaults on college campuses, Chanel Miller’s viral essay, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, and countless reported stories about the privileged abusing power, the American public has gone through a crash course on sexual violence and the factors that influence a victim’s decision to report. We’ve seen how the justice system can be cruel—valuing the career or future potential of one man rather than making him pay for the damage his actions have caused—or how individuals or institutions with the power to do something would rather turn a blind eye.

While there have been some triumphs in state legislatures and the courts, there are still serious gaps in protections for and routes to justice for adult survivors in New York State. That’s why we’re fighting for the Adult Survivors Act.

In our own two cases, we’ve seen how even when you do everything “right” as a victim—even when you work with the police and wear a wire to tape your abuser admitting to sexually assaulting you, as Ambra did with Harvey Weinstein—the system can still fail victims pursuing justice. Our cases are remarkably different but share one major commonality: Outgoing Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance had the power to do something and instead protected the wealthy, powerful, serial sexual predators who preyed on us.

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