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America’s Finally Telling the Anti-Vax Nuts Where They Can Go

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It took long enough but it finally seems like the majority, which chooses life instead of eating horse paste during a pandemic, is fed up and forcing private and public action in the hopes of flattening the virus and escaping the nihilistic grip of a suicidal GOP death cult.

Just like progressive Democrats are holding the line to protect President Biden’s ambitious and necessary reconciliation and infrastructure package, the rest of us must also do our part to ensure we are not killed in the zealous culture war of the radicalized right wing that has weaponized masks and vaccines as a means of achieving white Christian Valhalla. Last week, I wrote that we must completely dispense with thoughts and prayers and placating conversations to convince vaccine-hesitant Americans. Instead, it’s time to lay the boom down with vaccine mandates across schools, airlines, and businesses before winter, which is the nation’s busiest travel season.

It seems Democratic leadership and major companies were listening.

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