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America, Let’s Stay Together. Even if It’s Just for the Kids.

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America is coming apart at the seams. Senators are being hounded in bathrooms and airports by the left for pumping the brakes on progressive spending bills. Meanwhile, parents and kids are being harassed by people on the right for wearing masks. It seems like the only thing we can all agree on these days is that there are now two Americas. The logical conclusion, according to some, is to call it quits. To split up. To move out.

According to a recent poll conducted by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics and Project Home Fire, “4 in 10 (41%) of Biden and half (52%) of Trump voters at least somewhat agree that it’s time to split the country, favoring blue/red states seceding from the union.”

A “national divorce,” an idea that has a certain appeal to moderns who have grown accustomed to such temporary arrangements, is appealing to almost anyone who has given up on the American experiment. And unlike a bloody civil war (too messy and violent), conscious uncoupling somehow sounds more civilized and sensible—but it’s still a bad idea that can’t and won’t work.

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