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America Finally Delivers for Black Farmers—Thanks to Raphael Warnock

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Georgia is the state that gave Democrats their Senate majority, and one of the two senators who accomplished it, Raphael Warnock, should be taking bows alongside President Biden when the White House’s “Help is Here” tour visits the peach state on Friday. Warnock is responsible for getting debt relief for Black farmers into the American Rescue Plan, an issue that has eluded meaningful action for decades, and one that he is deeply familiar with having grown up in rural Georgia.

It is highly unusual for a freshman senator in their first months in office to notch such a notable achievement, but his election as the 50th Democrat made passage possible of the $1.9 trillion package. And so a grateful Democratic leadership wants to make sure the voters recognize how central he is to the change Biden promised to deliver.

Warnock will be on the ballot next year and the Republican-controlled legislature in Georgia is passing all sorts of barriers to voting to discourage a high turnout that benefits Democrats—and to ensure they get a different outcome in November 2022, when Warnock will be running for his first full Senate term.

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