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Alec Baldwin: Here’s Why I Won’t Run for Office (Yet)

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Alec Baldwin has given serious thought to running for office. He already knows what it’s like for people to hate his guts, for things like playing the president on Saturday Night Live—“They say things like, ‘I don’t know who we want to get rid of first, Alec Baldwin or Trump.’”

He has considered diving head-first into the political world, and there is a chance he still might, but there are a few things he’d need to take care of first—and someone he’d have to convince.

In this episode of The New Abnormal, the 30 Rock actor tells Molly Jong-Fast about his wife’s opinion on the matter, and why he credits his dad for standing “on the right side” of politics these days, according to Molly. After all, out of all the Baldwins in the family, there is only one Trump supporter.

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