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After Dems Stimulus Success, GOP Looks to Derail Biden Infrastructure

Drew Angerer

When President Joe Biden signed into law the most progressive bill in a generation just weeks ago, Republicans stood and watched as Americans celebrated the arrival of stimulus checks and big government solutions.

But with Biden’s introduction of a multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan on Wednesday, the GOP is convinced they’re getting a better shot to sink a liberal agenda—and the Democratic Party’s political fortunes.

Republicans seemed dumbfounded about what to say when Democrats passed their $1.9 trillion stimulus bill in March. They argued it was both too large and insufficient. They said it would disincentivize work, while unemployed people called it a lifeline. And they complained about the process, with those arguments falling largely on the deaf ears of Americans who cared more about getting a stimulus check than they did about which Republicans didn’t get a vote on their amendments.

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