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A Warning: First Excerpts From Anonymous Book Say Trump Officials Considered Resigning En Masse

Leah Millis/Reuters

The first excerpts from the upcoming book, A Warning, purportedly written by a senior administration official, say that multiple senior administration officials at one point considered resigning en masse in a “midnight self-massacre” to show public alarm about President Trump’s conduct, according to The Washington Post.

The author, who caused an uproar last year with an anonymous op-ed in The New York Times claiming several officials in the Trump White House were concerned about the president’s fitness for office, describes Trump as cruel and inept, according to excerpts obtained by The Post.

The president is described as “a twelve-year-old in an air traffic control tower, pushing the buttons of government indiscriminately, indifferent to the planes skidding across the runway and the flights frantically diverting away from the airport.”

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