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A Very Trumpy Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Features A Pro-Gun Rally in Richmond

As we celebrate another Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday, I find myself asking some hard questions about where we are in America relative to Dr. King’s dream for America.

Last Friday, in a stunning Washington Post poll of African-Americans, the data showed that eight in 10 black citizens feel pessimistic about America. Worse, they believe Donald J. Trump to be a racist. Stop for a moment and think about how sad it is that a significant population of American citizens believe their president to be racist. If this is true, we are clearly not making the progress that I think we all hoped for after Barack Obama’s presidency. And the question is why?

As we reflect on the legacy of Dr. King, we should, not just as African-Americans, but as all Americans, re-read his words from the “I have a Dream Speech” in August 1963:

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