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A Treasure Hunter, a Satanism Expert and Mike Lindell Fight To Overturn Biden Win in Arizona

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With Joe Biden inaugurated as president more than two months ago, Donald Trump and most of his supporters long ago gave up on efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. But in Arizona, the dream of a Trump victory lives on, drawing in a bizarre cast of characters intent on rooting out nonexistent fraud.

As the Republican-held state Senate prepares to recount 2.1 million ballots cast in Democratic-leaning Maricopa County, Arizona has become a hotbed for election “fraud” vigilantes.

The motley crew leading the charge includes a failed treasure hunter, a Trumpist pillow magnate, a self-proclaimed expert on satanic forces, and roving bands of amateur ballot sleuths who climb into dumpsters and investigate chicken coop fires. While the recount can’t change the results of the election, the anger and passions surrounding it offer a window into the future of a Republican Party that still widely insists that Trump legally won re-election, long after his loss has become clear.

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