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A Federal Judge Finds That Bill Barr Was a Fixer and Corrupter of Justice

Drew Angerer

What remains of Bill Barr’s sullied reputation was blown up when federal district Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that the government must turn over the memorandum, which the public has yet to fully see and that the Justice Department relied upon in declining to prosecute the 45th president.

Not only was Barr being personally “disingenuous” by announcing his decision before the Mueller report was released and pretending he used the report to reach a conclusion instead of simply announcing the one he’d come to before the special counsel’s work had even finished his work, she wrote, “but DOJ has been disingenuous to this Court.”

“The fact that (Trump) would not be prosecuted was a given,” the judge wrote. In reality, it was a given from the moment Barr was appointed by Trump, as the past inevitably became prelude given his first stint as AG under George HW Bush. Back then, DOJ resisted efforts to get to the bottom of US government-backed financing of Iraq in the run-up to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

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