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Trump Says ‘Game Over,’ but Winter Is Coming

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The most striking part of the last two days is how Donald Trump and his allies are acting like losers, more aggrieved, bitchy, and petulant than ever. Somehow, “total exoneration” sounds like less like a win and more like a whine.

There are a few fundamental tells in Trump World. Trump’s outrage and projection tweets are always a barometer of his real mood, and since the release of the Mueller Report, it’s not exactly “Happy Don, America’s Fun-Lovin’ President.”

His flunky patrol has been testy, too. Rudy Giuliani gave a wild-eyed, feverish mess of an interview to Chris Cuomo. Kellyanne Conway demanded apologies from anyone who dared report the news now that Bob Barr has certified it all false. Sarah Sanders, confirmed by Robert Mueller to be even more of an egregious liar than was already evident, tried to talk her way out of what her words had talked her into.

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