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Trump Lawyer Invokes Civil Rights Struggle to Keep Tax Returns Secret

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In a letter to the Treasury Department on Monday, Donald Trump’s attorney compared the pursuit of Democratic lawmakers gunning for the president’s long-hidden tax returns to the government targeting civil-rights leaders during the height of segregation.

“Congress’s motives do matter under the Constitution. Take the Constitution’s ban on intentional racial discrimination, for example. What if, during the height of the civil-rights movement, the Democrat-controlled House tried to intimidate African-American leaders by requesting their tax returns?” William Consovoy, who also reps the president in a separate emoluments case, said in the signed, three-page letter, which cc’s Trump’s Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The letter, which is the latest in a robust attempt to keep Trump’s financial records concealed, paints Democratic lawmakers as being driven by impure, legally sketchy motivations, even as numerous legal scholars say Congress is within its rights to request and obtain such information.

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