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Trump Gets Revenge on the ‘Most Liberal Court,’ Helped by McConnell’s Dirty Tricks

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Donald Trump hates the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and now he’s getting his revenge: with Mitch McConnell having trashed 100 years of Senate practice on judicial confirmations, Trump is now ramming through hyper-partisan nominees to shift the (supposedly) liberal court far to the right.

The Ninth Circuit has long been a target of conservative ire; Newt Gingrich called it “anti-American.” And while the data on its actual liberalism is mixed (a 2007 study found its rulings to be more liberal than average, but a 2014 study found it less liberal than the First and Third Circuits) it does have notable liberal jurists on it, such as Judge Stephen Reinhardt, who wrote opinion striking down California’s ban on gay marriage, and Judge Alfred Goodwin, who wrote that the pledge of allegiance’s phrase “under God” (added in 1954) violates the First Amendment.

All that is about to change.

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