Gates' lawyers say two people are willing to post property for his $5M bail

Lawyers representing former Donald Trump campaign staffer Rick Gates filed a motion Thursday notifying the court that he has enlisted the help of two people willing to post their property as collateral to help guarantee his $5 million bond conditions.

Gates’ attorneys said they had presented special counsel Robert Mueller’s office with the two individuals willing to put up their property on Gates’ behalf and that those individuals had been interviewed by the special prosecutor’s team. Gates’ lawyers did not identify the individuals, and their filing noted that they had asked Mueller’s team not to identify them either, in order to protect their privacy.

Gates, who served as the deputy to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is facing charges along with Manafort, including money laundering and making false statements. The charges do not relate to the pair’s work for the Trump campaign but instead to their lobbying work in Ukraine. Both men have pleaded not guilty.

In late November, Manafort reached a bail deal with prosecutors to pledge four properties worth about $11 million in exchange for freedom from house confinement.

The court set bail for Gates at $5 million but said he could be detained at home until his bail arrangements are made, leaving only for meetings with his legal team, court appearances or medical or religious reasons. Gates and his team have yet to agree on bail arrangements with Mueller’s office and the court.

A previous request to get out of home confinement to travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas, drive his children to school and extracurricular activities and continue his lobbying work was denied.

In the motion filed Thursday, Gates’ team requested that he be allowed to leave his home twice over the weekend, once to volunteer at a school-sponsored parent event on Saturday and again on Sunday to coach at a youth sporting event.


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