The Tax Cuts, Jobs, and Democratic Landslide Act

Written by Wendy

Imagine it’s a year from now, and Democrats have managed to win back the House of Representatives. If you’re a GOP incumbent who has just suffered a crushing defeat, you will presumably feel pretty despondent. But don’t despair, my forlorn Republican friend—it is I, Reihan Salam, time-traveling mystic! With the aid of my Cosmic Temporal Whirligig, I will now transport you back to Nov. 7, 2017, when massive Democratic gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey gave you a glimpse of your bleak present here in 2018. Now that I’ve given you this new lease on life, what will you do differently? Will you make exactly the same mistakes, leading me to cackle with glee? Or will you defy expectations, fix those errors, and inspire me to crack a thin-yet-appreciative smile in the manner of Herman Cain?


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