Schiff: House won't issue interim report on Russian hacking

Written by Lisa

Rep. Adam Schiff on Thursday shot down the idea that the House Intelligence Committee would issue an interim report about its probe into Russia’s digital meddling effort in the 2016 presidential election.

“In terms of an interim report, it will be a challenge enough for us to reach a final report,” Schiff, the lead Democrat on the committee, said at the POLITICO Pro Policy Summit, adding he wasn’t sure he wants to “take on the additional obligation.”

The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee have met at least once about the idea of providing a public update into their investigation into Moscow’s influence effort and plan to discuss it more in the future.

Schiff declined to say when the House investigation, which has occasionally stalled over partisan bickering, would end.

The California Democrat said there are still several unanswered questions, including the roles Facebook and other social media platforms played in spreading Russian misinformation about the election.

“There’s a lot that we need to know further from the social media companies,” said Schiff, adding he wanted the firms to testify about Russian entities that purchased geographically targeted political ads during the campaign.

Investigators are approaching the questions “from both sides,” Schiff told the audience, bringing in officials from the Trump campaign’s digital arm, and on the “back end” by interviewing officials from social media companies.


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