NRCC: 'No indication' White House will intervene in GOP primaries

Written by Lisa

There is “no indication” that the White House will intervene in House GOP primaries, a top National Republican Congressional Committee official said on Thursday.

“Our job is to protect our members in the primary,” said Joe Pileggi, the NRCC’s political director, during POLITICO’s inaugural Pro policy summit. “We have a great relationship with the White House.”

President Donald Trump has gone after GOP Senate members — namely Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who he has called weak on crime and the border. Last month, Trump urged voters to oust Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, a top GOP target in 2018.

But Pileggi said the idea of Trump intervening in the House field was “hypothetical,” adding that “there is no indication that is happening.” He also said Trump’s sinking poll numbers wouldn’t hurt Republican House candidates.

“We saw this last fall and will continue to see it: Voters are pretty good at separating the president of the United States from our members,” he said.


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