Georgia’s Progressive Renaissance

FULTON COUNTY, Georgia—Bhavani Saravanan, a 52-year-old woman I met at Jon Ossoff’s election night party in Georgia on Tuesday, emigrated from India 25 years ago and has been a U.S. citizen for years. But she said that Nov. 9 is the day she truly became an American. “Until Mr. Trump won, I was an immigrant,” she told me. “The minute he won, I [said] no, I’m an American. This is my country. I will fight for it.” Though she had never been involved in politics before, she volunteered for the Ossoff campaign and rallied every Indian person she knew, no matter how apolitical. “The minute I attended Jon’s first meeting, I sent them messages: This is the person we’re all voting for,” she said. “Yesterday I sent them reminders. Today they all let me know they voted.”


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