Ryan says he sees Trump as 'more of a chairman'

Written by Lisa

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday described President Donald Trump as a “chairman” eager to delegate the details of leading the country.

Speaking to the “Today” show before Trump’s first address before Congress on Tuesday night, Ryan diplomatically described the real estate mogul’s early West Wing style.

“I see him as more of a chairman, as a president, much like many successful presidents have been, where he gets people around him who are detail people who can execute those plans,” Ryan said.

Ryan name-checking Defense Secretary James Mattis and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price as two people whom Trump has smartly brought on to oversee the ambitious agenda items of defeating ISIS and tackling Obamacare, respectively.

“You delegate the details to good people who know what they’re doing, who have experience in these matters and you make sure that the objectives are met,” Ryan said. “That the goals you ran on for the American people to improve people’s lives are met. That is exactly the kind of commander in chief I think we need in this country.”


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