Buffett, Gates criticize Trump on immigration and 'alternative' facts

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Billionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates said immigrants make America great and defended facts in an interview with The Atlantic published Sunday, two criticisms of President Donald Trump.

“The quality of immigrants, the motivation of immigrants, this is what has contributed to the greatness of the country,” said Buffett, the world’s third-wealthiest man.

Gates, Microsoft co-founder and the world’s wealthiest man, predicted “a comeback” for truth. Trump has attacked the media relentlessly through the first month of his presidency.

“People want success, they want education that works, they want health care that works, and so, to the degree that certain solutions are created not based on facts, I believe these won’t be as successful as those that are based on facts,” Gates said. “Democracy is a self-correcting thing.”

Despite their criticisms of the start of the Trump administration, Gates and Buffett remained open to the idea that Trump may do some good as president.

“Any president comes in, there are all kinds of possibilities,” Buffett said. “We’ve been operating this way for a long time, and you’ve seen all kinds of zigs and zags, but we move forward.”


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