Less Worried About Trump. More Concerned About His Aftermath.

Written by Tom

For the last few days, since the Mike Flynn bombshells and that press conference disaster, I’ve found myself slightly less worried about a Trump presidency and more concerned about the aftermath.

I’m going to make a now unoriginal prediction: I don’t think he makes it through his first term. His many liabilities, including his campaign’s ties to Russia and his unaddressed conflicts of interest, have the makings of untold scandal. But even if it’s not scandal that ends his presidency, I’m convinced that he is simply not mentally (or physically) up to the job and will have to step down at some point.

Of course, I’ll continue to learn how to be an effective activist and make my voice heard (hey, you never know, my prediction could be wrong) — but I’m also thinking much more about what the fallout from either scenario could look like.

In the event of an abbreviated Trump term, regardless of the circumstances that cause it, I’m fairly certain that Trump and his administration will find a way to blame it on the “other” side. Conspiracy theories will abound, media will be called out, and the American public will most certainly be as divided as we’ve been in more than a century.

Trump’s base will be venomous and potentially riotous against the perceived perpetrators of Trump’s demise, and the GOP will be more more beleaguered than ever, having tied its fortunes to Trump. Meanwhile the Democrats will still have a light bench, and may still lack a cohesive movement and strong leadership.

And that’s my concern. How do we prepare for what may become inevitable in the days, weeks, and months ahead? Democrats need to quickly shed the baggage of the election cycle and quickly get moving towards a place of power. The burgeoning grassroots progressive movement is promising, but needs focus, and somehow needs to merge with the Democratic party. I’m planning to spend much more of my energy there — because as Wayne Gretzky said, “you skate to where the puck is going to be.”

In a way, these past few days have had somewhat of a calming effect. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve still stayed up way too late and have been shouting at the TV like everyone else. But I’m a little less freaked out, and a little more focused on what comes next. Try it. It might work for you too.

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